miércoles, mayo 03, 2006

Babalu Loves Che

I bet you that secretly, Val Prieto is a big Che Guevara fan.

How else can you explain that he posted links to three amazing pictures of demonstrators doning images of the great Latin American icon?

He did just that, at his post "Being stupid is no excuse".

Here you have them: one, two and three.

The first one is the best one, with that composite of the Cuban flag, Cuba being the nation that Che helped liberate from the US supported dictator Fulgencio Batista.

Thanks to this post, Val got some fella by the name Mandingo to leave this comment:

What can we say about this?

Oh, the humanity!

Or lack of it...

I guess they see Che as a savior figure and they WANT to believe the myth so bad because they really don't have a valid educated culture, what can you expect from low riders, zoot suits, gang color head bands, State financed brain washed PC Chicano(a) studies programs, generations of inner family gang membership - so the things that come along their way - no matter how ugly and vulgar, they embrace. or can we say that they are evil - and that an evil people worship evil? The only thing of redeeming value that these folks have is the Virgin of Guadelupe - I hope she comes to them and educates them with love and forgiveness. They are really uneducated peasants - they are illiterate in so many ways - not only education wise, but spiritually.

Maybe they really need a Che like figure that will come to them and bring mega death to them one day - lets see how much they will worship revolution then. But in the end they embrace violence with their love of Aztlán and the Aztec iconography of millions of humans sacrificed to their defunct gods - Che is just another one of their obsolete deities.

I want to believe that Mandingo is a WASP, that would explain his ignorance and his bigotry. I mean, only a proud inhabitant of a trailer park could know so little about the Aztecs.

But the best part is the one about millions of people being sacrificed, coming from a fella that is a proud citizen of a country that right at this moment is perpetrating a genocidal war to honor their one true god, oil profit.


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