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Bigotry in America

The good thing about the blogosphere is that with one easy search you can find the most backwards elements among the US based bloggers.

Here you have a prime example, the blogger called Dean Esmay goes on a lengthy spiel about how much he loves African Americans at his post titled "Message to Black America". The whole thing comes as a result of an email he got about the voting rights of African Americans coming to an end in 2007.

As usual, whenever an issue about the discrepancy between what the USA claims to be and what it really is, Dean Esmay manipulates the information to make his beloved USA look good.

But lets start by the beginning, the Dean Esmay tear jerker:

I was born in 1966. I'll be 40 years old this year. I came up hard in a hard-scrabble life. I'll spare you the excruciating details; I'll just say when I was born I was my 16 year old mama's second child, and my daddy was 17 and working as a mail clerk. They split barely before I was out of diapers, and to make a long story short I left home at the age of 15 and have made my own way ever since, and have had to deal my whole life with people not respecting me.

Whenever you read a post by Dean that starts out with his poor white trash background, you know he is about to say something against a minority group. This time he goes for the one-two combination and tells you about the experience of being a white girl going to school with African Americans, here you have it:

I've also had the unfortunate experience of black and hispanic people not liking me because I was white. My lovely wife, born in Detroit in 1968 as the daughter of Polish immigrants during the worst race riots of that city's history, saw even more. She went to a mostly-black High School, and got her ass beat at least once for being white and the "descendants of slave owners," never mind the fact that her family were from solid peasant stock and escaped Communist oppression and came to this country barely speaking the language and being the subject of countless Polish jokes and all kinds of contempt.

It is amazing just how openly Dean attacks the African American community while he claims Malcolm X as his soul-mate.

He presents the email that triggered his reaction, and then he says this:

But the truth is, from top to bottom, this email is a pack of lies. Vile, hurtful lies. Indeed, it is the worst sort of lie: half-truth that looks real because it's sort of based on some things that are almost true. One thing that's entirely true is that President Reagan did sign a 25 year extension of the Voting Rights Act, and that does expire in 2007 if it's not extended. That much is true.

Vile hurtful lies, heh heh heh...

Wait, before I go on, a bit of Dean's "red, white and blue" nationalism:

Here's the blunt truth: the U.S. Constitution recognizes equal rights for all people, regardless of race, and has for some time. Indeed, the right of people to vote regardless of color has been part of the U.S. Constitution since 1870--for over 136 years, in other words. You can read about it here. It's a lie to say that black people need some special dispensation to vote.

The U.S. Constitution may say whatever you want Dean, the fact is, for over a hundred years it did not apply to all of the U.S. inhabitants. If the Constitution had been upheld and all of the individuals in the USA had enjoyed of the rights protected by that document from the very beginning, then people like your soul-mate Malcolm X and all the other great civil rights fighters you named would have had absolutely nothing to do.

And I am not even getting into the issue of the Native Americans and how the principles contained in the Constitution did not apply for them either.

The fact is, the USA is a country were racism and bigotry are widespread, and the minorities have to continue to fight for their rights, therefore the concern by Camille Cosby over the issue and the point she makes, the point that only a dimwit would miss, that even in the XXI century, the USA is still conditioning the right to vote of the African Americans which depends on somebody signing an extension to an act instead of taking the step of passing it as a law, which is exactly what Dean tries to cover up with his lengthy post that sheds no light over this equality issue but that gives him the chance to patronize the African American community, just check this out:

The vast majority of us do not hate you. We do not want to put you back on the plantation. We don't want to stop you from dating our daughters or our sons. We don't want to scare you away form the polling booths. We don't want your businesses to fail. We don't want to put your young men in jail. We don't even begrudge you your own music and your own slightly different dress or language. We recognize that you are Americans. Indeed, we recognize that you have made all sorts of amazing contributions to America, including the blues and jazz and Motown and the Harlem Rennaissance, Jimi Hendrix and Ray Charles and Muddy Waters and Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder and Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphie and Lena Horne and Muhammed Ali and Colin Powell and Condie Rice and Dr. King and Mahalia Jackson and and Oprah Winfrey and Malcom X and a whole bunch else besides I haven't even thought of.

And the nugget of pure unadulterated racist stance:

Plus you're the only Northerners who still know what grits and and cornbread and collards are.

Sad indeed how the right wingers use the blogosphere to continue to spread the lie that the USA is a democratic place, which somehow gives that country the right to go and bomb and murder people half way across the planet in the name of freedom and democracy.


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