lunes, mayo 01, 2006

Che Guevara's Presence

As in previous demonstrations, the figure of Ernesto "El Che" Guevara was present in today's demonstrations for better treatment for the immigrants in the United States of America.

What a better way to tell the neocons in the White House that some dreams just refuse to go away.

Because that is exactly what "Che" Guevara represents for millions of people not only in Latin America, but around the world, the hope for a better future, where there is justice for all, where no person is criminalized for wanting to work.

This picture was taken in Salem, Oregon. The reason I love it is because there is no better place for the icon of the Che that printed on the Cuban flag, the flag of a nation that has defended its sovereignty and its self determination against the US imperialism for several decades now.

And this one was taken in New York:

This is why I want to dedicate this pictures tu Babalú and all the other right-wings Cubans and their US counterparts (such as Dean Esmay) in the blogosphere. Since they are people that defend the values of freedom and democracy, I wanted to show them just how much of an icon for liberty and justice the Che is around the world.

This are just a few samples of places were his image was seen today.



La Paz



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