jueves, mayo 04, 2006

Dean the Native American

On another amazing display of intelligence, Dean Esmay tells us that he is a Native American.

It is funny how the US citizens are so dull when it comes to understanding their own shortcomings.

It is the idiotic tendency to hyphenate their nationality what lead them to come up with some unique ways of calling people, but before we get into that, here is what Dean's tells us:

Someone thought of a nice angle on the illegal immigrant thing: They're not really immigrants at all, see! "They" were here first!

That's always been, to me, in the category of silliness related to the use of the tern "Native Americans." Native American? I was born here, too. So I'm a native American. What about it?

Well Dean, blame your dumb question on the lack of capability by your so called Founding Fathers to find a name for the suddenly liberated English colonies in America. You see, the United States of America is not a name of a country, it is at the most, a description. That is the source of your confusion, since you insist in calling yourselves Americans when in fact anyone born in this continent is an American, then you get into a real pickle when trying to find a politically correct term for the different ethnic groups present in the US society.

Since the US society has failed to come up with a real sense of belonging besides the cheap flag-waving patriotism, today not all Americans are Americans. Blacks are African-Americans, Indians are Native-Americans, people that belongs to a composite of different nationalities from Latin America are Latinos or Hispanics, and even people that come from Mexico get their own politically correct term, Mexican-American.

All those names, tags or brands do not change what people really are, because is well known that with their mediocre education, Americans tend to put all kinds of people under the same label. Americans are not known for showing any respect for the cultural expressions of different human groups from around the world.

The way we call the indigenous people of America is Indian, because the dumb European explorer that ran into the continent by mistake thought that he had reached the Western Indies. The misnomer prevailed, but finally the indigenous people rebelled against it, but instead of reinstating their own names, the names that they call themselves, the Americans decided to coin the politically correct term of Native American. Whoever came up with that answer to the issue was a complete idiot that did not take into consideration that such name could lead to confusion among the racist idiots that are unable to recognize that the United States of America were founded upon a genocide perpetrated against a number of nations of indigenous peoples.

Their line of thought is that because white supremacists, descendants of the European conquerors, were born in the USA, then goddammit, they are native also.

This is why so many Americans are keen to the theory of human being having crossed into America through the Bering Strait, they want to tell the world that the people that came to inhabitate the land were themselves new comers, and therefore, the land that was their home for ten thousand years was not theirs, and that the European colonists had the right to take over.

No Dean, you are not a Native American, you are a white boy trying to intellectualize your bigotry.

And by the way, that Comanche individual is a victim of the faulty school system so characteristic of the USA, if what he is saying was truth, then why did the terrorists at El Alamo fought against the Mexican military instead of the Comanches?

And why is this Comanche denying that 80% of Mexico's population is of Native American stock?

I know the answer, he went to school in the USA.


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