miércoles, mayo 03, 2006

Meet Jim Gilchrist

Meet Jim Gilchrist:

Yes, it sad to figure out how low his IQ is just by looking at his eyes.

But he is not alone, other idiot savants, able to drive a car, are now following Jim on his quest across the USA to rally more bigots and other assorted retards to their cause.

And what is their cause?

To "stop illegal immigration".

So, it is time to dispell a great American* myth.

Gilchrist and his followers say that America* was founded by immigrants, but by legal immigrants.

This could not be a biggest lie, for the original inhabitants of America did not ask for any European to come invade their lands, bring infection and disease with them and let alone, stay.

And how rosy can the outlook of these Minutemen be?

Do they really think that what the pilgrims did to the Native Americans was legal?

Do they really think that what England did to the Native Americans was legal?

Do they really think that what the independent United States of America did to the Native American was legal?

Do they really think that what the United States of America is doing to the Native Americans is legal?

It was a genocide, and no genocide can be legal, go ask the Roma, go ask the Armenians, go ask the Hutus and Tutsis, go ask the Palestinians and yes, go ask the Jewish.

Yes, the "democratic" United States of America is guilty of a genocidal campaign for territorial expantion.

One more thing Mr. I-am-the-grandson-of-legal-immigrants, those who you harass, those Mexicans that you hate so much, are of Native American stock, unlike yourself. They are moving on their own land, regardless of the artificial borders imposed to them by the European colonialist powers.

So, stop your whining, use the 1500 bricks to build a hospital or a school, and go home to make love to your shotgun.

*I reject the use of the terms America and American. America is the continent that goes from Greenland to Patagonia, American is anyone that inhabitates that continent.


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