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Stop the Media Boycott Against the Other Campaign

I found this call for help so truth is not buried under tons of main stream "news" at Scoop.

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The Media Boycott Against the Other Campaign

Wednesday, 10 May 2006, 10:32 am

Opinion: narcones.com

Osuna: Join in the Grand Struggle to Break the Media Boycott Against the Zapatista Other Campaign

May 9, 2006

A Letter from Mercedes Osuna, from San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Dear Reader:

The caravan of The Other Journalism was created with the goal of covering The Other Campaign, led by Delegate Zero, because we knew in advance that the mass media would ignore and boycott it.

Our team of communicators has traveled thousands of miles through most of the Mexican Republic since January 1 of 2006, reporting the word of Delegate Zero (Subcomandante Marcos) and the Mexican people. The entire team of The Other Journalism has made a huge effort to maintain this project so far, since the costs of video, Internet, transportation, food, lodging and other costs have been covered by each one of us and thanks to the economic support of some compañeros.

You can read hundreds of direct reports - plus video newsreels, audiotapes and translations - about the steps of The Other Campaign that has now traveled more than half of the Republic on the page:


At present, we do not have the resources to continue this informative labor. That's why we are making a call to all our readers to help support our work economically, or with lodging, food, transportation and/or donations to be able to continue spreading the word of the news associated with The Other Campaign, rapidly and truthfully.

At this moment - during the wave of repression against the people of San Salvador Atenco and other adherents to The Other Campaign (including hundreds of political prisoners, grave injuries, the expulsion from Mexico of international observers, and at least one young man dead), the Red Alert and suspension of Other Campaign events as the response from the Zapatistas - the coverage by The Other Journalism is more important and urgent than ever.

That's why, if you are able and have the will to collaborate with the costs, you can do it via the Fund for Authentic Journalism, the international non-profit organization that supports the costs of the project, via this web page:


Or, you can mail a check, made out to "The Fund for Authentic Journalism," to:

The Fund for Authentic Journalism P.O. Box 241 Natick, MA 01760

Please remember that in June there are meetings planned along the US- Mexico border - in Juarez City and Tijuana - between Delegate Zero and Mexicans from the Other Side, which will be vitally important and whose word must be spread throughout the world and in all the languages so that the dignified voice of the "Other North Americans" will be heard and understood as it is; to construct an Other Movement, stronger and more effective, on both sides of the border.


Mercedes Osuna
General Coordinator
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign


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