lunes, mayo 22, 2006

Unjust War, A Life Accomplishment

Seems like the racist and xenophobic Condoleeza Rice got the cold treatment at Boston College.

A number of students with moral values decided to let her know that she was not welcomed, mainly because of her part in the present war in Iraq, a war that has murdered dozens of thousands of Iraqis just to make sure the USA had a bigger profit in oil revenues.

Here you have the note:

Rice faces silent protest in Boston

By Jason Szep

1 hour, 13 minutes ago

Dozens of faculty and students turned their backs and waved protest signs when U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice received an honorary degree from Boston College on Monday.

But the protest against Rice, a central player in President George W. Bush's Iraq policy, was smaller than had been expected and those among the 25,000 crowd who gave her a standing ovation outnumbered those who sat in silence.

Rice's selection as commencement speaker had stirred controversy at the Jesuit school, where many oppose the war and say it contradicts Catholic teaching.

"We've spent the last four years learning how to appreciate and work for social harmony, and to have a woman who is part of an administration that has launched a very unjust war, it's just outrageous," said Emily Jendzejec, 22, one of about 60 students who turned their backs on Rice.

Like dozens of students, Jendzejec wore a protest armband and sticker on her graduating robe reading "Not in my name."

At one point, a propeller plane flew overhead dragging a sign saying: "Your war brings dishonor." About 100 protesters outside chanted "Stop the Lies. Troops out now" and waved placards including one reading "No degrees for terrorism."

About 22 percent of the school's 1,000 faculty had signed a petition circulated by Boston College theology professor David Hollenbach and Kenneth Himes, the department's chair, objecting to the honorary degree -- a custom for commencement speakers.

One faculty member resigned in protest.

But unlike a commencement day address by Republican Sen. John McCain (news, bio, voting record) of Arizona on Friday at The New School in New York, there were no loud boos and rowdy heckling from students and the crowd at Boston College's football stadium.

In her speech, Rice avoided direct reference to Iraq and stuck closely to the boilerplate themes often followed by graduation day speakers, urging students to follow their passions, seek humility and overcome personal adversity as she did growing up in a segregated city in southern United States.

Boston College stood by its decision to choose Rice for its commencement speaker for its about 3,000 graduating students. "We're not honoring her for the war we are honoring her for her life's accomplishments," said spokesman Jack Dunn.

Seems like the spokesman Jack Dunn is so stupid that he does not understand that about the only life accomplishment by Condoleeza Rice was to enter a pack of deranged idiots who decided that the lives of thousands of people were expendable.

Only in the United States of America can a spokesman for a Catholic School come up with such excuses for a member of a team of terrorist neo-cons.

By the way, those students may want to reconsider their actions, Mr. Gonzalez could very well decide they should be prosecuted.


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