viernes, junio 09, 2006

Germany 2006's World Cup is Here

I'm gonna take advantage of Germany 2006's Football World Cup to lighten up the content of this blog a little bit, make it more like my old blog.

For those of you that have been living in Jupiter for the last 100 years, the World Cup is the true world wide sporting event. Not even the Olympic Games can claim that honor.

Every four years the entire world comes to a screetching halt when everyone's attention is focused in one place, the stadium were the opening ceremony for the tournament takes place. This year it was the FIFA World Cup Stadium in Munich.

And just so the Baseball fans get it right, the World Series are not such, the should be the US and Canada Series at the most. Because the only tournament that can truly claim a world wide champion every four years is this one.

To Basketball fans, bad news, the world was happy to see the real sport's king of all times, and it was not Michael Jordan, but the true idol of people all over the world: Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pelé.

And finally, to Helmetball fans, sorry, but there is only one sport called Football, and since it is played all over the world INCLUDING the USA, well, too bad, time to get used to the fact that you're hijacking the name of a sport that is way more important on an international level than yours.

Anyway, so we can all get into the atmosphere of what is going on in Germany right about now, a few pictures of Football fans having some fun:


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