miércoles, junio 28, 2006

A Limp Moral Crusader

He stands for all what makes neocons proud.

Loud mouthed, ignorant, disrespectful and arrogant, for decades he was a beacon for all the Red, White and Blue chest thumping US citizens.

He would constantly launch himself into long diatribes against immigrants, homosexuals, social activists, liberals... and drug users.

Until he was exposed as a pain killer abuser, then he begged for pardon and implored for understanding, two commodities he never bestowed upon the victims of his personal crusade in behalf of the good ol' "American values".

It should not come as a surprise that he was busted breaking the law again, and that the reason for all his rage may be in a dysfunction that can be "fixed" by a blue little pill.

Check out this note on America's über-neocon loudspeaker, Rush Limp-baugh:

Rush Limbaugh detained in Florida over Viagra pills

Tue Jun 27, 1:56 PM ET

Right-wing U.S. radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, a one-time target of a prescription fraud investigation, was detained at a Florida airport when agents found a bottle of Viagra in his luggage that was not prescribed in his name, police said on Tuesday.

Under Florida law certain prescription drugs, including Pfizer's erectile dysfunction remedy Viagra, must bear the name of the person carrying them. Violation is a second-degree misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine and 60 days in jail.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said Limbaugh was detained for nearly four hours but was not arrested or charged. Details of the case were passed on to the local state attorney's office for possible prosecution.

Limbaugh was returning from the Dominican Republic, according to the police spokesman. He did not know if Limbaugh was with companions.

The incident marks the latest legal trouble for the controversial and often moralistic radio talk show host, who admitted in October 2003 that he was addicted to painkillers.

Limbaugh made the admission after published reports that he was facing an investigation for allegedly using a housekeeper at his Palm Beach mansion to illegally obtain prescription drugs.

Limbaugh struck a deal with prosecutors in April to end a lengthy investigation into whether he also "doctor shopped" -- using different doctors at the same time to get large quantities of painkillers.

Under the deal, Limbaugh was booked on a single count of concealing information to fraudulently obtain a prescription drug. Prosecutors agreed to drop the charge in 18 months if Limbaugh continued to seek drug therapy treatment, his lawyer said.

Limbaugh was stopped on Monday at Palm Beach County International Airport after arriving on a private plane. Customs officers found a bottle containing 29 blue tablets in his luggage, Palm Beach Sheriff's Sgt. Pete Palenzuela said.

"The prescription label had two doctors' names on it and did not have Mr. Limbaugh's name on it," he said. "Mr. Limbaugh said the Viagra was his and was for his personal use."

It was not clear if the incident will affect the deal struck in April. His attorney, Roy Black, was not immediately available for comment.

"Rush Limbaugh was detained by customs agents after they noticed a non-narcotic prescription drug, which had been prescribed by Mr. Limbaugh's treating physician but labeled as being issued to the physician rather than Mr. Limbaugh for privacy purposes," Black said in a written statement.


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