martes, junio 27, 2006

The Rape of Gaza

The military operation by the Israeli army into the Gaza Strip is well on its way.

The excuse for the Zionist hawks to put in danger the lives of thousands of Palestinian civilians is the rescue of an Israeli soldier captured earlier this week by Palestinian resistance forces.

For some odd reason, the media is calling the capture of a soldier who happens to be a member of an occupation army engaged in a land grab operation against a nation recognized by the United Nations by the term of kidnapping.

They even quote the soldier's father Noam Shalit as saying: "his son as a quiet, introverted boy whose greatest pleasure is helping others".

With all due respect to Mr. Shalit, but a quiet, introverted person who finds pleasure in helping others would never enlist in an armed force that is known around the world for its several acts of brutality against a helpless society.

What about that wall of shame, is that what you would call a quiet way to help others?

Nobody knows how many women and children will be murdered in this attack, which by the way is in open violation to the Geneva Convention, nor how many men will be beaten, tortured and killed just to avenge a casualty of war.

And it happened today, when the Palestinian government had recognized just hours before the existence of Israel as demanded by Washington and a number of European powers.

And to think that someone once said... never again.


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