miércoles, junio 07, 2006

Teacher's Strike in Oaxaca

The Mexican extreme right lead by Vicente Fox decided to keep the teachers from Oaxaca in a tight budget.

Well, now they have a quite educational situation going on there.

Here is the report by Narco News:

Oaxaca Near Meltdown Over Teacher Strike

More than Just an Educators' Dispute, the Conflict Is a Sign of Governor Ruiz's Inability to Rule a State Fed Up with Repression and Corruption

By Nancy Davies

The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Oaxaca

June 7, 2006

It’s unprecedented and nobody knows what will happen, but nobody is backing down.

Tens of thousands of striking teachers occupy the center of Oaxaca city, sprawled out under camp tents, on top of cardboard cartons, on stairs and walls and benches. The plantón — the occupying camp — has now been going on for fifteen days. It covers 56 blocks, preventing all traffic and access to the heart of the central square, or zócalo.

The striking teachers have with them in the zócalo and the Plaza de la Danza their embroidery and their children. Oaxaca Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortíz has called in Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) obligations in more than half the municipalities of Oaxaca and obtained signed condemnation of the teachers, along with their demands to control education at the municipal level, from more than 250 municipal mayors, which means breaking the union.

Reportedly, outside the city, about twenty-five kilometers away, 1,500 federal riot cops, requested by Ruiz and sent by President Fox, await orders.

I asked Noé Sotomayor Hernandez, the supervisor of 18 secondary technical schools in the southern coast region, what he thought of that threat. “We sent people out to look, and they didn’t see anything like that. It’s pure intimidation, there’s no proof of how many federal police are there. But,” he smiled, “it’s a threat we took on and we face it.”



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