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Another US Blogger Excuses Israel's Terrorism

I want to start by saying that I do not leave comments at blogs that warn readers about all the OC rules and regulations for any one that dares leave a comment. It is my opinion that if you're such a big mouth to say antyhing about any issue, you should have the integrity to accept any kind of reaction coming your way. Usually, the bloggers that edit the comments left at their blogs make sure to delete all comments that make them look like idiots. This is why whenever I have to say something about what one of these bloggers posted, I do it here, at my blog.

So let us start.

I found one more post by someone that makes a lame attempt at excusing Israel's present terrorist attack on Lebanon; the conflict can not even been called a war, until today Lebanon's army has not responded to Israel's incursions.

What Joe Gandelman does is to post a link to a post at another blog, a post by a not so intelligent young man who happens to be a soldier, and since he is an US citizen and US citizens that happen to be soldiers are some sort of sacred cows, then they get to say whatever they want no matter how ignorant what they say actually is.

And this is what the poor misguided jarhead said:

I wonder what would happen in the United States if, say, Mexico began launching artillery rockets into Texas, if the images of destruction and death were coming not from Haifa, but from San Antonio? Would the left wing and the media be crying for moderation and peace talks? Would the world condemn us for taking the fight to them? Some would say that Israel is a contested territory, that hundreds of thousands of Muslims were forcibly removed from their homes, and for that reason, the analogy does not hold up. To those people I say you are wrong, because a large portion of Texas was once under the Mexican flag.

Lets take it a step further soldier.

How about this analogy:

Some fundamentalist militants (many of them were not even US citizens, and remember, at this blog we use the term American to refer to those born in the American continent, from Greenland to Argentina) decided to declare independence of Texas from Mexico.

They did not speak the language, they did not profess the country's religion and they did not care to abide by the land's law since the renegades wanted for Texas to be a land were slavery was allowed. So, the Mexican government decided to do then what Israel is doing today, attack the terrorists, smoke them out of a hole called El Alamo and destroy all the cities were they had support by the civilian population.

From the perspective you champion, what Santa Ana did was quite correct.

But from the US point of view, those who died at El Alamo were doing it because they believed in a dream of justice and freedom, despite the fact that they wanted to add a pro-slavery state to the South.

Too bad Santa Ana failed, and that what he did was not done in California when a group of terrorists attacked the governor's palace. Or in Hawaii, were another group of terrorists captured the palace and kidnapped the royal family.

Do you see it now, it is not as black and white as your daddy wants to make it look. But wait, I have something else to tell you. Do you remember this paragraph?

My point is this: Israel is a sovereign country. The Israelis have EVERY RIGHT to defend their own borders against foreign attackers. For decades they have endured the cowardly attacks of terrorists.

Poor little boy, since you know so little about history and you depend on conservative baboons for your education no one cared to tell you that Israel came to be thanks to the terrorist activities by a fundamentalist religious group called the Irgun. These terrorists cowardly attacked UN and Brittish outposts in what was known as the Palestinian Mandate, the bloodshed was so merciless that both the UN and England did all they could to get the hell out of there, leaving the Palestinians to deal with the violence-prone bunch.

One more thing, why don't you ask your daddy or one of your indoctrinators at the army about the attack by Israel to an US vessel in which scores of US sailors were killed?

That's all for today, now go learn some more propaganda about how a great democracy your country is.

But wait, I'm not done with Joe Gandelman's not so moderate call to excuse Israel for its war crimes.

His post elicited this comment by a dimwit by the name of Thomas Pearson:

What I saw on our way through Denton still has me livid with anger.

One of the larger business there, I will not name it here, had three flags flying in front of their doors.

A Texas Lone Star flag, the U S Flag, and right betwen them Mexico's flag. I took pictures for proof.

I fought for my country and its flag, I fought for Texas and is flag...I did not and will not fight for Mexico, nor will I.

One way or the other that fucking Mexico flag is coming down even if I have to file suit to have it done or tear it down flagpole and all, myself!!

Wait a moment, he fought for Texas?

Man, he must be old, Texas has not been involved in a war ever since it was a "republic" (sure, a republic).

Tommy boy, why don't you travel through Mexico so you can see all the fucking USA flags that fly in front of many shops and hotels there?

If your hatred for Mexico is so deep, why don't you start by demanding a new name for the state? How about removing names like San Antonio or Padre Island? Hell, why don't you demand the US changes the name of the Gulf of Mexico to Gulf of Louisianna (oh wait, you must hate the French also).

Man, I wish Hezbollah had captured those two Israeli soldiers before, so all the so called moderates in the USA had shown their true disgusting colors a long time ago, in the mean time, a picture of one of the many victims by Israel's present land grab operation in the Middle East:

Her name is Aya Ali, and she can pack a lot more courage than all the Thomas Pearsons and Joe Gandelmans in Texas and the USA.


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