martes, julio 25, 2006

Israel Doesn't Pay Traitors

Yesterday there was a news article about a UN envoy hanging the Lebanese people high and dry:

U.N. exec blames Hezbollah for deaths

by LAUREN FRAYER, Associated Press Writer

Mon Jul 24, 6:22 PM ET

The U.N. humanitarian chief accused Hezbollah on Monday of "cowardly blending" in among Lebanese civilians and causing the deaths of hundreds during two weeks of cross-border violence with Israel.

The militant group has built bunkers and tunnels near the Israeli border to shelter weapons and fighters, and its members easily blend in among civilians.

Jan Egeland spoke to reporters at Larnaca airport in Cyprus late Monday after visiting Lebanon to coordinate an international aid effort. On Sunday, he toured the rubble of Beirut's southern suburbs, a once-teeming Shiite district where Hezbollah had its headquarters.

During that visit, he condemned the killing and wounding of civilians by both sides and called Israel's offensive "disproportionate" and "a violation of international humanitarian law."

Well, it seems like Rome, or in this specific case, Jereusalem (0r is it Tel Aviv?) does not pay traitors:

Deadly Israel raid on UN post overshadows Lebanon crisis meet

by Nayla Razzouk

Tue Jul 25, 7:14 PM ET

An Israeli air raid on south Lebanon killed as many as four UN observers, overshadowing an international crisis meeting due to open in Rome, as Hezbollah vowed to fire rockets further into the heart of Israel.

The deaths, which UN chief Kofi Annan said were the result of Israel's "apparently deliberate targeting" of a UN post, also drew a strong protest from France, whose officers currently command the nearly 30-year-old UN force.

"I am shocked and deeply distressed by the apparently deliberate targeting by Israeli Defence Forces of a UN observer post in southern Lebanon that has killed two UN military observers, with two more feared dead," Annan said in a statement released in Rome.

French ambassador Jean-Marc de La Sabliere, president of the UN Security Council for July, said: "We condemn this bombing on a UNIFIL position."

The attack on the UN post in the hilltop town of Khiam, once the site of an infamous Israeli jail but now a Hezbollah stronghold, came amid an intensive bombardment of the border area as Israeli troops advanced further into Lebanon.

One thing I would like to tell this useful idiot by the name of Jan Egeland is that if he knew anything about history he would understand that resistance movements are always protected by the civilian population during a conflict, that is why the Nazis to name an example, carried out some infamous operations in Czechoslovaquia and Russia during WWII, since they could not get the resitance fighters, they would punish entire towns, which is exactly what Israel is doing by bombing Beirut.

What the Nazis tried to do then was to weaken the local support by terrorizing the inhabitants of the cities and towns nearby the areas were the resitance groups acted. The resistance groups did not have the weaponry nor the resources to go face to face with the Nazi army, that is why they had to hit and run, use whatever means they have to try to bring some balance to the fight. The Nazis failed.

The Zionists are trying the same strategy, they count with the guilty silence of countries like the United States of America and England, like the Nazis before them, they are bound to fail.


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