domingo, julio 23, 2006

Israel's Loving Childhood

A couple of days ago I went to see the movie Merry Christmas, an excellent film that tells us about the crazyness of war.

The opening scenes are a perfect set up for the movie's message, war is a pissing contest between those who hold the power and the money, but the ones who get to kill and get killed are the average Joes that have the misfortune of carrying out their masters' designs.

To achieve this, those on top start by poisoning the minds of the country's young ones, this is why during the first few minutes of Merry Christmas we get to see a German boy, a French boy and an English boy reciting the propaganda they are tought about why one has to hate the neighbor.

Well, that was 1914, this is 2006:

In case you do not know the story these pictures tell, those are Israeli children writting hate messages on the shells the Israeli artillery was about to deliver that day. Yes, those are children that are supposed to be learning the peace loving and god fearing Jewish religion of their parents.

Well, their presents were delivered, here you have a Lebanese boy who received one of the messages of love and brotherhood by his peers from south of the border:


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