jueves, julio 13, 2006

Lebanon Under Attack

Over a year ago, conservative bloggers were posting all kinds of pictures coming out of Beirut.

Here is an example of what they were posting then:

Well, seems like today they are keeping quiet about the pictures coming out of Beirut these days.

Pictures like this one:

Because if they did post them, they would have to explain why do they blindly support a country involved in military operations against two neighbors. Let us remember that Israel is a nation that is home to religious extremists and that their military posses weapons of mass destruction, weapons that they are willing to use against both unarmed civilians and civilian installations in neighboring states.

Here you have a note by Yahoo News:

Israel attacks Beirut airport

By SAM F. GHATTAS, Associated Press Writer

Thu Jul 13, 12:01 PM ET

Israel intensified its attacks against Lebanon on Thursday, blasting Beirut's airport and two Lebanese army air bases near the Syrian border, and imposing a naval blockade. More than 50 people have died in violence following the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah militants.

Warplanes punched holes in the runways of Beirut's international airport and two military air bases, attacks that could draw the Lebanese army into the conflict.

Israel's army chief Brig. Gen. Dan Halutz warned that "nothing is safe" in Lebanon and said Beirut itself — particularly Hezbollah offices and residences — would be a target. Maj. Gen. Udi Adam said Israel had hit hundreds of targets and hadn't ruled out sending in ground troops.

Hezbollah fired rockets into northern Israeli towns and said it was using a new missile that appeared to be more advanced than previous models. One Israeli was killed and at least 12 were injured.

The militant group also said it would rocket the key Israeli port city of Haifa if Israel hit Beirut, a strike that would be the deepest ever into Israel by the guerrillas — some 18 miles.

Two days of Israeli bombings, the heaviest air campaign against its neighbor in 24 years, had killed 47 Lebanese and wounded 103, Health Minister Mohammed Jawad Khalife said. Besides the Israeli civilian, eight Israeli soldiers had also been killed.



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