lunes, julio 31, 2006

Not a Man of His Word

One think we now know about Nazi-minded Ehud Olmert is that he can not be trusted.

Last night there was an announcement that after carrying out the horrifying war crime against innocent civilians in Qana the military operations would stop for 48 hours.

Well, guess what, the Zionists are coward liars:

Israel's Olmert: No cease-fire in Lebanon

14 minutes ago

Israeli warplanes carried out strikes in southern Lebanon on Monday, hours after agreeing to temporarily halt air raids while investigating a bombing that killed at least 56 Lebanese civilians. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said there would be no cease-fire, and that Israeli forces continued fighting in the air, from the sea and on the ground in Lebanon.

"We are determined to succeed in this struggle," he said. "We will not give up on our goal to live a life free of terror."

Olmert said the fighting will end when Israel brings home two soldiers captured by Hezbollah guerrillas in a July 12 raid.

Two things.

First, we know that the Zionists do not want "a life free of terror", they have been very succesful at stealing land from Palestine by terrorizing the Palestinians; murdering children, destroying houses and orchards, creating ghettos and building a wall, just like their Nazi mentors.

Second, on a Freudian Slip Olmert finally spoke a bit of truth, the two Israeli soldiers were not kidnapped, they were captured. Soldiers can not be kidnapped, only a babbling moron like Charles Krauthammer or Rush Limbaugh would say things like that. Soldiers are captured, soldiers are made prisoners of war.


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