viernes, septiembre 29, 2006

Gusano Quemao

The fifth rate Goebbels wannabe by the name of Val Prieto claims that the MSM (main stream media) is not covering the fire at an oil refinery in Cuba.

Well, guess where did I extract this picture from last night:

Here you have the footnote:

Flames rise from the 'Nico Lopez' oil refinery in Havana, Cuba, Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2006. The fire that erupted at the oil refinery sent plumes of black smoke over Havana area Wednesday night, but no one was reported injured. The fire's cause was unknown. (AP Photo/ Javier Galeano)

If you follow the link you will figure out that I got it at Yahoo News (just like all the other pictures I post here), meaning, the MSN is indeed covering the incident at the oil refinery. Oh, and by the way, the two letters right before the word Photo on the caption stand for Associated Press, and well, you can not go more MSM than the Associated Press.

So there you go, Val was caught spilling his Gusano propaganda once again.

Oh wait, he does not want to be compared to a Nazi because liberals and leftists always call his ilk by that term, but since I do not know who was in charge of the propaganda machinery under Fulgencio Batista, the Goebbels comparison stands.

On a related note, I bet Gusanos are giddily happy about the new law that green lights the brave and democratic practice of torture by the US. This means that torture will be carried out in Cuba, at a place called Guantanamo, ilegally occupied by you know who.

PS. All the pictures about Che that I publish here come from the same source, Yahoo News. This has to do with a 20 USD bet that Val's handler Dean Esmay made right after he broadcasted the fatwah against Carlos Santana claiming that the Che is not a freedom icon around the world. Like I said before, by the time I'm done posting all the positive news notes about Che I will own both of their trailers and their Ford Fiestas.



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