viernes, septiembre 29, 2006

Israel Hides Crime

Believe it or not.

Remember when the Israeli military mudered four UN peacekeepers even after receiving ten dispatches letting the Israelis that their shells were falling to close to the observation post?

Well, now there is a report that indicates that Israel refused to provide the UN with the info necessary to conduct an inquiry into the incident.

Here you have the note:

By NICK WADHAMS, Associated Press Writer

Fri Sep 29, 7:00 PM ET

Israel refused to give a U.N.-appointed investigation access to the officials who may have been responsible for the bombing of an observation post that killed four unarmed peacekeepers at the height of the conflict with Hezbollah, the United Nations said Friday.

Israel said the bombing of the U.N. peacekeeping post along the Israeli-Lebanese border was a mistake that occurred at the "operational level." The U.N. panel investigating the killings was not allowed to interview commanders at that level to determine what happened, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in a statement.

The statement was delivered shortly after the Board of Inquiry investigating the attack submitted a confidential report with its findings to the U.N. and to the four nations whose observers were killed — Austria, Canada, China and Finland. The report was not sent to Israel.

Dujarric's statement said it concluded that there was nothing else the United Nations could have done "that would have changed the outcome."

The four observers were killed by an Israeli precision-guided bomb that destroyed the bunker where they took shelter after their observation post near the town of Khiam came under heavy fire. U.N. officials in New York and Lebanon had repeatedly warned Israel that the observation post, built 30 years before, was under attack.

Because of Israel's refusal, the inquiry was "unable to determine why the attacks on the U.N. position were not halted despite repeated demarches to the Israeli authorities from U.N. personnel, both in the field and at headquarters," Dujarric said.

Israel has blamed inaccurate maps for its mistake, and said the airplane that dropped the bomb thought it was targeting Hezbollah. Hezbollah was active in the area, with a post about 150 yards away.

Asked to comment on Dujarric's statement, the spokeswoman for Israel's U.N. mission, Anat Friedman, said: "Israel has expressed its regret for the unfortunate event and has investigated the tragic incident."

Friedman refused to comment on the U.N. claim that the investigators had not been allowed to interview some officials.

A U.N. official said Israel never sufficiently explained why it kept bombing the base.

"We do not have a satisfactory answer as to why those attempts failed," said the official, who spoke anonymously because the report was confidential. "The Israelis are fully aware of our position on this incident."

The official said there was nothing in the Board of Inquiry's findings to contradict U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's earlier claim that the attack was "apparently deliberate."

They call their crime an error, and then they blame their error on a map.

Must be an anti-Semitic map.

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